October 24, 2013 Minutes

School Governance Minutes

October 24, 2013 8:15-8:50

Present: Mrs. Vets, Mrs. Ullah, Casey Stapleton, Allison Wendt, Kristen Morin

Review focus for this year:

  • Workshop for parents: one for each grade on “A Day in the life of a ____ grader.
    • Showcase performance tasks. Maybe in conjunction with Math nights
    • Manual : start to get the information together this year for a December roll out but in the future this information will be handed out in September.
      • K-2 Manual on testing: What does the score mean, suggestions of levels of books, list of books on appropriate levels. Make into tri-fold pamphlet.
        • Kristen and Casey will put together information for grade 2 and type it up.
        • Ask K-1 teachers for information and input and Mrs. Ullah and Mrs. Vets will type it up.
  • 3-4 What testing is done, explanation of why testing is done, and what do the scores mean.
    • Grade 3-4- Allison will get the information together and type with help from Mrs. Ullah and Mrs. Vets


  • How can we get more technology into the classrooms?
    • Allison and Casey talked about Donors Choose
    • Vyctoria and Mrs. Vets looking into grants
    • A “wish” list went around to staff to see the items most in need.


Ideas for new community members

  • Patty Horvath- Paraprofessional and involved politically in community
  • Chris Walsh- Owner of Duffy’s Restaurant and father
  • Nikki McVety- Paraprofessional and parent (as a parent not community member)
  • Sharon Redman- Educational Specialist at ACES
  • Betsy Davis- on the board and parent