School Governance 2012-2013 Minutes, October 18

Present:  Gary Palermo, Bob Guthrie, Meredith King, Allison Wendt, Ashley Halligan, Casey Stapleton, Kristen Morin

Membership Requirements:

Rich Spryer-community member and Steve Leete-parent had to resign from school governance.

Looking for new members:  Gail Burns suggested Janet Kelly-she is a past Pagels PTA president, worked at credit union and is a grandmother of a Pagels student. (Gail will reach out)

Gary suggested Monique Bolt, mother of student and director of a program at UNH  (Gary or Pagels staff member will reach out)

Teacher input: Review where we left of last year.

Welcoming School

Painted directional symbols of wall by gym (nurse, main office)

Parents/guest enter through main office and sign in

The notice holders in the rotunda for school and community memos

Focus this year: 

Start off where we left of last year

Add an academic related item to each agenda

Add a school governance section to the Pagels PTA newsletter

Demo how to use parent portal, symphony math (can be done at PTA or school governance)

Schedule:  Thursday mornings once a month.