School Governance November 28, 2012 Minutes

Present:  Gary Palermo, Bob Guthrie, Allison Wendt, Ashley Halligan, Casey Stapleton, Kristen Morin, Vyvtoria Ullah, Lydia Staton.

Still looking for new community if you have a person interested.

Presentations on new school based initiatives "A year's growth in a year's time"  Last meeting we wanted to focus on instruction and data collection.

Lexia-Casey Stapleton

Symphony Math-Allison Wendt

Inform-Kristen Morin

Good feedback from the parents on school governance that have children using symphony math at home.

Data kis reported out through the grade level data teams as well as the school wide date teams.

Next step/issues on the table

Anyone can add to the agenda just let Gary know.

Issue:  When it snows the sidewalks are covered with snow as well as steps leading to the street. This is a safety issue and how can we make it better.  Mrs. Ullah is going to take Gary outside to show exactly where the problem areas are located.

Next meeting review District Improvement Plan and School Improvement Plan.


Thursday mornings once a month.