School Governance Minutes January 16, 2013

In attendance: Gary Palermo, Ashley Halligan, Allison Wendt, Casey Stapleton, Kristen Morin, Vyctoria Ullah, Lyldia Staton, Gail Burns

Review goal: Bringing parents and community together.

1.  Home school connection-in school we are so focused on academics do we have ideas for a family fun night.

a.  At-home projects in connection with academics

b.  Math Night

2.  SBAC-Pagels students will take both the CMT and SBAC this year.

a.  More time on computers-using type to learn.  On SBAC they will have to type responses so they need to practice at school and at home if possible.

b.  Building Security-Doors are all keyed to lock, we have a police officer assigned to the school. Met with police and chief to update safety plans.

Building police officer will go into classes and become a friendly face.  He may teach lessons on strangers and safety.

District will roll out new procedures to principals in conjunction with police chief.

Schools are a zone of safety so we want to continue to have a balance of security but openness.

4.  Mid-year benchmarks

a.  DRA-except letter by February 1st.

b.  Symphony-in process of taking winter benchmark. We have notice growth. If at all possible play at home, it will only strengthen child's math skills.  Username and passwords will be send home again.  Increase at home partnership.

c.  Lexia--looking at reports, we are also noticing growth in reading.