Mrs. Biagetti's Third Grade

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Biagetti

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Welcome to Mrs. Biagetti's second grade class!

Each year we begin our class by discussing our hopes and dreams for the upcoming year and electing some class rules and consequences in order to maintain fairness and order within our classroom.

We work hard throughout the year practicing the art of self relection when dealing our second grade friends;  we "treat others the way WE want to be treated."  Life needs to become a good boomerang.

Teamwork is an essential theme in our class;  we ALL work together;  we all help each other with everything, no exceptions.  By showing empathy to our classmates, we delvelop strong, life-lasting friendships and a profound bond.

In addition to the social aspect of second grade, academics are most intense. 

Reading is an essential rite of passage in second grade.  Each week we read two basal stories, a phonics reader, poems, independent silent sustained reading time books, whole group and small group reading,  read-alouds, and any and everything in print before our eyes.  Second graders learn to use renound reading strategies to increase their comprehension, accuracy, and fluency.  In addtion, we develop a fondness for reading and become life-long, skilled readers.

Further, math is another second grade staple.  Each day we practice our weekly math facts and learn a new conceptual lesson.  All facts and concepts are practiced on a daily basis to ensure comprehension, memorization, and mastery.  Students learn to appreciate the enthusiastic "tricks" we apply daily to facilitate our learning.

Writing goes hand-in-hand with reading.  In order to read well, we learn to manipulate our words through sounds which lends to better writing.  When one understands the elements of a sound writer, s/he learns to apply grammar, choice words, and story elements to organize her/his thoughts more clearly.  Journals, response logs, and daily writing methodologies are explored and taught daily.  All second graders write on their own levels and progress at different rates.  However, we all learn to express ourselves more clearly and concisely.

Social studies and science are taught weekly and interchangeably.  We study science for three days then social studies for two and vice versa.  Some of our science concepts are matter, nutrition, soil and silt, rocks, plants, and birds.  In social studies,  our town of West Haven is our key theme,  we delve into its history,  including noteworthy historic sites and prestigious people.

Homework is an important component in our class;  it's practice for ALL the information we learn that day.  If second graders practice these facts and concepts nightly, the will most assuredly become stronger academically and less frustrated in class.  Please be sure to allow your child to complete her/his homework independently and lend assistance if need be.  When your child reads her/his nightly story, ask her/him to retell you the story, using her/his own words and summarize it with vital story elements such as characters, setting, problem, events, and solution.

Homework Schedule:

Monday-math facts, math concepts, basal, spelling syllables

Tuesday-math facts, math concepts, basal, spelling sentences

Wednesday-math facts, math concepts, basal, spelling ABC order

Thursday- math facts, math concepts, basal, spelling 3x each (tests in spelling, vocab.+comp. given on Fridays)


Fun Fridays are curriculum based "hands-on" enjoyable times;  however, if your child fails to complete her/his homework assignments, s/he will "lose" Fun Friday.

I look forward to a prosperous and memorable year!


Mrs. B.