April 17, 2014 Minutes
School Governance Minutes

April 17, 2014

Present:  Mrs. Vets, Mrs. Ullah,  Ashley Jackson, Kristen Morin

Finalize the booklet

  • Add a page with websites- Vyctoria
  • Add more to the 3rd grade book list- Kristen and Mrs. Vets
  • Title
    • Suggestion
      • Have you ever wondered what all those acronyms mean? Bear in the Middle, Bottom:Here is you guide to help you out!


Next year

  • We need to send home letter to all parents asking for parent and community members to join.Also to all staff members
    • Mrs Vet’s -1 year left
    • oMrs. Ullah- Will stay on if we need it. (We need at least 2)
    • We have no community members(We need 2)
    • All three teachers have served 3 years and are finished in June.(We need 5)