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Hello My Name Is...

Jennifer Lucibelli


I have been an art teacher in West Haven since 1994-95.  I have worked at several of the schools in West Haven.  My first three years teaching I worked at three of the elementary schools, my fourth year I moved to Bailey Middle school where I taught for 13 years.  I then taught 1 year at Washington and went back to Bailey for four years.  Now, I am back at two elementary schools, Pagels and Haley.  Growing up in West Haven, I feel connected to my students and share their "Westie Pride".   In this picture, I am with my sister, Debi Suraci, who is also an art teacher in West Haven High.  We love art in our family!

This year in art I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty with the little ones.  We will be working with an array of materials including paint, crayons, markers, colored pencils, oil pastels and a variety of craft materials.

Here are some examples of amazing art projects we did this year.
Some of the projects were exhibited at West Haven's annual Fine Arts Festival!

art show  art show 
 art show  art show
art show
 art show
 art show  face

 art show