Mrs. Nicolelli's First Grade Room 14

Hello My Name Is...

 Mrs. Nicolelli

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I am currently teaching first grade at Pagels School.  I have been a teacher in West Haven since 1994. I live in West Haven with my husband and two children.

Mrs. Nicolelli's Webpage

Welcome to Mrs. Nicolelli's First Grade Webpage!

If you need to contact me for ANY REASON, I can be reached at 931-6840 or you can email me at 

Some Important Reminders

*Your Child will receive a  homework folder on the first day of school.  Please check it every day and remove any papers not returning to school the next day.

*Reading is VERY important in first grade.  Please have your child read to you EVERY DAY! 

*A healthy, nutritious snack is to be sent in daily.  We work very hard in first grade and we need to keep our tanks fueled!

*Your child will have homework on Monday through Thursday.  Please be sure he or she has a quiet, well lit area to do their work.  When he or she is finished, please check their work and help them correct any errors.

*PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE!!!!   First Grade is difficult work and your child should know how proud you are of them.  A small word of praise goes a very long way!

I am always available to talk with you if you have any questions or concerns.  Please remember that school hours are for the children.  I will be happy to make an appointment with you for before or after school or even during my lunch break. Telephone conferences are always welcome as well.

I am looking forward to a fun, exciting and educational year in First Grade!