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We are so happy that you are visiting our classroom webpage! We look forward to accomplishing many exciting curriculum-based activities together this year. 

Homework Procedure:

Your child will have homework assignments Monday through Thursday. This is only a guideline and may change due to holidays.

Please personally check your child's homework folder daily for homework assignments and important notices. My homework policy encourages you to review your child's homework and initial it. If your child is having difficulty with any aspect of it please circle the problem or write a brief note. Please remove corrected homework and old notices from the folder daily to help keep your child organized.

Math Homework Guide for the Week:

The math homework schedule is variable due to the math testing schedule and schoolwide activities. In general the children complete side B of fact practice and side B of the skills worksheet for homework on Monday through Thursday.

Spelling Homework Guide for the Week:

Monday: Write the spelling words 4 times each in your best printing.

Tuesday: Write 5 interesting sentences using 5 or more of your spelling words.

Wednesday: Write the spelling words 4 times each in your best printing.

Thursday: Unscramble the spelling words 4 times each in your best printing and study for your spelling test.

We look forward to a productive and rewarding year together. Please feel free to contact me at any time.