February 28, 2013 Minutes

Present:  Gary Palermo, Bob Guthrie, Allison Wendt, Vyctoria Ullah, Casey Stapleton, Mrs. Vets, Ashley Halligah, Kristen Morin.

Welcome to Mrs. Vets who is interested in being part of School Governance next year.   She attended the meeting to hear more about what School Governance does.

1.  Project that is still in progress from last year.

Signs in the hallway stating room #'s 1-6 and an arrow pointing.

How will we get this accomplished: Either Mr. Battista painting it on the walls or signs to hang up in the hallway.

2.  Security measures taken:

Positive changes: Subtle school doesn't present as a combat zone, kids don't even realize a change. 

Feedback on lockdown: All parents in attendance said their kids went home and didn't have any concerns.  It wasn't scary or intrusive.

Bob spoke on how we can keep the building safe at night. Lock the building down after hours but have to keep the gym open. Possible solution is putting up gates that lock in the hallways so people are only allowed in the gym area. Other option:  hire police for all events including basketball, PTA, family nights.

3. Governance Concerns: 

Can we get Lexia at home?  Symphony Math is already in the home and parents/teachers think having Lexia will give a little extra boot to students.

Steps by the crosswalk-can we make the grass a paved area or add steps. It is unsafe to cross at crosswalk from Beatrice and have to walk down Benham Hill before there is a clearing to get on the sidewalk.

4.  Family Math Night:

We would like to do a math night in conjunction with the PTA.  Wednesday, March 13th, is PTA either Gary or Kristen will bring this up to see if we can get something planned for early Spring. 

We are looking for ways to reach out to families and get more people involved.